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Show for adults

4 million years ago, in Africa, a Hominid tall not even one meter twenty-five walks on the Sand. Do so with your foot ... look at your fingerprint and think ... it's me.

That Imprint is the first Drawing in the history of Humanity.

Sand is a Show about men and Sand, their close relationship, how this ancient Material has accompanied the Evolution of the Human species from the dawn of time to the invention of writing and beyond. The Sand remains the same as itself, while Humans evolve with ever higher and slender bodies, brains of greater displacement; but our existences still remain ephemeral like Sand drawings: with a breath they disappear, leaving room for new creations.

The loose mountains

Family show

In this show Lorenzo offers Children, games, questions and reflections.

• How were the letters of the Alphabet born?

• Is it true that the first Public Schools did not have Papers and did the Children learn to write in the Sand?

• How can Animals be designed with the correct proportions?

• How do the brilliant People train themselves to become such?

• What do I see in this Gudgeon?

The Show, extremely interactive, ends with The fantastic Story of the Alì Worm. 

Different techniques and styles

Lorenzo has developed a primitive and grotesque Design Graphic with Sand that allows fast transformations. Many moments of the Show present a dynamism that often differs from the glossy techniques that the Sand Art world has accustomed us to.

"Primitive" Technique

This grotesque and caricatural style allows, with few gestures, to create moving characters that interact with each other, developing surprising conflicts. These sequences lose the static nature of the design and appear to the Public a bit like Cartoons made of sand.

"Prehistoric PowerPoint" Technique

With this technique, Lorenzo uses the Design in a more "cabaretistic" way.

The Sand drawings are like a Prehistoric Power Point in which the Pixels are Grains of Sand (over a Billion) and the Program that moves them is all in the Head of the Designer. Lorenzo proposes unpredictable Conferences and tells short Stories while he draws.

"Traditional" Technique

With this more traditional Style, Lorenzo creates well-detailed drawings that follow the Lyrics of a Song, the Harmonies of a String Quartet or the wonderful electric Guitar of Carlos Santana.