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Seminars for adults -  15 people.

Lorenzo carries 15 light Tables of 60 x 60 cm with which each Participant can draw with Sand.

Put your hand on the Sand and caress it a bit ... and here are unexpected Shapes, Imprints, Shades and plays of Light. In addition to being pleasant ... do not imagine that relaxation!

The Course is ideal for those who think they can not draw and have always had little consideration for their painting skills.

This technique also allows you to try, try again, mess, delete, does not involve any waste of sheets, painting, you can make great gestures, discover the countless fingerprints of our Hands. We will start by designing Dinosaur Skeletons: do not imagine how easy it is with Sand!

The seminar also offers the following topics:

• Animal structure

• drawing of the Human Body

• Landscapes

• Caricatures

• Metamorphosis

• Progression of Drawings

• Abstract Drawings

On request we can also develop other Themes, Games, drawings or Stories related to the context in which the meeting is organized.

Seminars for children - 12 Children.

In these meetings various play activities are proposed:

• The play of the proportions of Animals

• The Game of exploding Bombs

• The Game of the Witch that is transformed

• The story of the Alì Worm

Sand, compared to Computer Games, has its own physicality: it gives shape to our Ideas through manipulations and concrete physical movements.

Have you already noticed that sand and water are the only games in the World that never break? What luck for the Children!